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What is OOOOR?

we are all oooors, no matter what race, gender, sexual orientation or iq level, we all wake up and say “aaah im wakingggg.” adding “oooor” to the end a word is more than just 5 letters, it has ushered a world wide movement. whether you’re an acoomulatoooor or a copytradoooor, the oooor remains a supportive and inclusive way of life. join us in our movement, wagmioooors

Are you a Researchoooor?

$oooor is the first ever oooor token, which was 100% fully fair launched with no presale, no whitelist, and no team tokens. 100% of the supply was added to liquidity on uniswap and locked with team finance.

Must read contract LINE by LINE

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"Is liquidity locked?!?!"

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community buildoooors

$oooor was built by a decentralized community of anons, here are some of the zany charactoooors that you might run into on your travels

jonny distance

lead developoooor

harrol harrolson

community managoooor

muscles glasses

operations directoooor


revealing soon™


(things we thought of that we may never doooo)

Q4 2021

  • open the doooors
  • erc-20 token fair launch with locked uniswap liquidity in

Q1 2022

  • parachutoooor
  • nft airdop for token holders & public mint

Q2 2022

  • 5d experiencoooor
  • fully immersive oooor metaverse game with complete vr experience & espoooorts franchise

Q3 2022

  • driving simulatoooor
  • exclusive go-karting day out for token holders

Q4 2069

  • nice